Nov 14, 2011

Canada's mass incarceration agenda

People's Health Radio
PHR looks at the mass incarceration agenda in Canada -- from the "ominous" crime bill, to prison construction and privatization in B.C. to the targeting of poor people who use illicit drugs.
Nov 7, 2011

The privatization of social housing

Nick Falvo
I spoke on a panel at the Annual Conference of the Ontario Non-Profit Housing Association. It was inspired in part by the debate over Rob Ford's attempt to sell social housing units to private buyers.
Oct 31, 2011

Private money funding public universities

The chairman of the world's largest pure gold mining company donated $20 million to the University of Toronto to fund the construction of the Munk Centre of Global Affairs.
Aug 17, 2011

Keep the TTC public -- Part 1

Privatization of public transit around the world has been a disaster for taxpayers and riders. Toronto should avoid TTC public-private partnerships. Narrated by Canadian actor Eric Peterson.


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