Aug 21, 2013
Prime Minister Stephen Harper

Rogue prorogation or prorogation by a rogue?

Christopher Majka
Stephen Harper's intention to once again prorogue Parliament has elicited protest and fulmination. However, is there reason for such outcry? Is this a rogue prorogation or a prorogation by a rogue?
Oct 23, 2012

Democracy Watch launches anti-prorogation campaign

Democracy Watch
Democracy Watch has launched a national letter-writing and petition drive, and Facebook group, calling for laws to stop the unjustified shutdowns of legislatures across Canada.
Mar 25, 2010

Catch 22 Harper Conservatives...

Gary Shaul
Catch 22 Harper Conservatives is a grassroots campaign to help defeat the Conservative gov't by targeting the most vulnerable Conservative MPs - at least one for each day of prorogation.
Feb 2, 2010

"Back to Work!": Voices against prorogation

Needs No Introduction
From Ottawa, Whitehorse and Toronto, we hear speeches, statements and songs of protest against the Conservative party's prorogation of Parliament.


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