Provincial Election

Mar 1, 2018
Lake beach. Photo: Viv Lynch/flickr

Wellington Water Watchers make water an election issue

Doreen Nicoll
Nagy wants Canadians to understand that, "renewable, clean water is not abundant in the populated areas of Canada. Our Great Lakes are not bathtubs that can be drained and shipped around the world."
Oct 26, 2011

Electing race privilege in Saskatchewan

Joyce Green
As incidents in the provincial election show, racism is used to rationalize Aboriginal deprivation and exonerate the rest of society from historical reality and sharing the wealth.
Oct 24, 2011

Saskatchewan platform comparison

Erin Weir
Saskatchewan's two major parties have unveiled their election platforms. The main difference between the Sask Party and NDP is not the dollar amount but its allocation among various priorities.
Oct 10, 2011

A case of Orange crush, Newfoundland style?

Joan Sullivan
The race in Newfoundland and Labrador looks to be for the Official Opposition spot in the province, with the NDP threatening its best-ever showing at the expense of the Liberals.
Oct 4, 2011
Photo: Greencolander/Flickr

Andrea Horwath: The rabble interview

Meg Borthwick
Two days before Ontario's election, the NDP leader talks exclusively to about healthcare, the environment, those orange heels, and Bob Rae's legacy.


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