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Bill Tieleman | The political equation driving Premier Christy Clark is solved. The B.C. Liberals have already saved $100 million from the teachers' strike. Money that can be spent anywhere but education, it seems.
Ralph Surette | Education is in growing turmoil across Canada over both results and cost. How come education spending is ballooning while clientele is shrinking dramatically?
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Sallie Boschung | Sallie Boschung is a Vancouver teacher and has a district position. She sees things with a bird's-eye view. And in that view, is a very, very broken system.
Vancouver Ecosocialist Group | Teachers across British Columbia begin a strike of the entire public education system.
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Nassim Elbardouh | Nassim Elbardouh is a B.C. teacher. He believes in public education and believes his students are worth striking for in order to get the resources they need to get a good education.
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Rachel Brickner | As the Minister's Panel on Education reviews Nova Scotia's public education system, what lessons should they take from 25 years of education reform in the U.S.?
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Seth Klein | If a compromise is to be reached in the current bargaining between B.C. teachers and the government, the long-standing issue of improving class size and composition must be resolved.
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Ben Sichel | What is our public education system for? To judge by much of the talk from politicians and business, education is a matter of preparing students to be workers in a vaguely defined "new economy."
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David J. Climenhaga | The market-fundamentalist Manning Centre's list of potential conference seminar topics provides the rest of us with a hint of the Organized Right's policy obsessions in 2014-15.
Michael Stewart | The for-profit Whistler U would accept 1,500 students and include a private high school on the premises. Is this really what's best for the village and its residents?
Lorraine Chisholm | The B.C. government passed Bill 22 on March 15. It bans further strikes and sets the conditions for mediation. The B.C. Teachers Federation met for its annual convention two days later.
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| This detailed workshop guide is a great way to break down food security