"Marea Blanca" protest against health privatization in Spain. Photo: Adolfo Lujan/flickr
David A. McDonald | Privatization has been given ample chance to succeed and has come up short. Evidence is building that people are able to reclaim public services and usher in a new generation of public ownership.
Linda McQuaig | The Liberal government of Kathleen Wynne is hoping Ontarians have long since abandoned the passion that fuelled the century-old popular movement that led to the creation of Ontario Hydro.
Photo: Obert Madondo/flickr
Gerry Caplan | Bringing Bell and Rogers and Telus and Shaw under public ownership? Now that's a cause worth marching for. Everyone's mad as hell at these guys, so why do we still have to take it?
Using the bank for the public good
rabbleTV | We don't need the private banks to create our money. We must bring finance under democratic, public control.
Duncan Cameron | For the opponents of public ownership, only commercial opportunity is a legitimate reason to build a sports arena, and only a commercially owned facility passes the sniff test. Really? Why?