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David Camfield | CUPW's collective bargaining with Canada Post is a rare case of a public sector union not only trying to defend its past gains but also to change the nature of the work its members do.
Retiree Matters, Bob McGarry | It should not be this way and it was not supposed to be this way. I know what this service means to people as I was a letter carrier for more than 35 years.
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Lynne Fernandez | Canada Post is a public corporation with unionized workers. Both these concepts are anathemas to a federal government bent on privatizing public institutions and breaking unions.
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Erika Shaker | We should all be concerned about what cuts to Canada Post mean for our national commitment to universality, and how they will further contribute to the slow erosion of our democratic institutions.
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Armine Yalnizyan | In a move that caught everyone off guard, Canada Post announced a five-point "action plan" last week that included phasing out home delivery of the mail. Why? To "protect taxpayers."
Jesse McLaren | Postal workers have voted almost 95 per cent for a strike mandate, and here are five reasons why solidarity needs to receive an equally strong mandate.
Greg Macdougall | The postal union says Canada Post is trying to create a new two-tier system of employees, with lower wages, reduced benefits, and diminished job security.