David Peck | Film director Boris Ivanov and Face2Face host David Peck talk about propaganda, international adoptions, state sponsored hate, LGBTQ issues in Russia, independent media and Pussy Riot.
Activist Toolkit
| Database of instances of U.S. and Russian interference in foreign elections since the Second World War.
Karl Nerenberg | The reviewers gave Justin Trudeau high marks for a dazzling, dramatic performance. But what really happened at the Munk debate?
Valery Bolotov, leader of the Luhansk People's Republic
Christopher Majka | The cast of crooks, thieves, nuts, and mercenaries running eastern Ukraine might be suitable material for a Marx Brothers farce; what they are manifestly not capable of is running a country.
Photo: flickr/Vladimir Yaitskiy
Flick Harrison | Russia's dominance as an energy exporter to Europe is an important component of the crisis in Ukraine. What if Canada helped Europeans gain a bit of energy independence? What then?
Mel Watkins | Obama's ambivalence and Putin's truculence and candour have created an opening for diplomacy to do what seemed impossible only days ago.
John Bonnar | The three accused and their lawyer weren’t surprised. They’d anticipated the outcome long before the judge rendered his verdict on Friday in Russia.