Feb 20, 2012

The myth of American resilience

James Laxer
The truth about America is that it is anything but flexible and resilient and faces a range of obstacles that portend decline rather than a creative re-birth that will re-establish its supremacy.
Jan 27, 2012

Canadian triumphalism increasingly bizarre

The triumphalism of the federal government throughout the global crisis has become increasingly far-fetched, but the Harper government shows no shame in continuing to milk it for all it's worth.
Jan 20, 2012

Are there labour and skill shortages in Canada?

Andrew Jackson
Further to my earlier post on this topic, whether or not we are or will soon be experiencing labour and skills shortages is a question of critical importance to the development of sound public policy.
Jan 9, 2012

Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy

Nick Falvo
December marked the three-year anniversary of Ontario's Poverty Reduction Strategy. While I believe there is much to celebrate, much remains to be done.


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