Jul 30, 2015

Finance trumps democracy in Greece

Greek voters rejected austerity in a referendum only to see their government approve the very economic measures they had just voted against. Louis Philippe Rochon says Greece needs to leave the EU.
Jul 13, 2015

Why Greeks voted no to austerity package

Last weekend, Greek voters turned down the terms of a financial bailout. Costas Panayotakis explains what led 60% of voters to reject the deal and what will happen next in Greece.
May 6, 2015
Photo: cristian/flickr

Parents shifting away from car ownership

People with young children have many reasons to prefer cars to other forms of transportation. Yet a new study shows that parents are keen to reduce their car use despite the challenges.
Feb 22, 2015

Understanding Vancouver's transportation referendum

In the middle of March, registered voters in Metro Vancouver will be asked to approve a 0.5 per cent increase to sales tax to fund improvements to the transportation infrastructure in the region.
Nov 15, 2013
Image: wikipedia commons

Why is B.C. considering referendums on pipelines?

David Taub Bancroft
With Enbridge and its prospective Northern Gateway pipeline gaining momentum, opposition to the plan is not far behind, and proposals abound for how best to defeat it.


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