Remembrance Day

Nov 12, 2010

G20: Lest we forget

Don Davies
The NDP's public safety critic says Canada's behaviour during the G20 Summit held this summer in Toronto casts serious doubt on the current state of democracy in this country.
Nov 11, 2010

Today: A tool of propaganda

Sharon Fraser
How can people say -- and seem to really believe -- that war is not romanticized, sentimentalized, glorified? Remembrance Day has now become Remembrance Week.
Nov 11, 2010

In remembrance of the Charter of Rights and Freedom

Elizabeth Littlejohn
My grandfather fought in World War One for naught. I am taxed to the hilt to have my civil liberties suspended for the spectacle of the G20 Summit, which enabled police brutality and civilian abuse.
Nov 8, 2010

Wear a white poppy for peace

In 1933 the Women's Cooperative Guild in the U.K. used a white poppy to remember all the casualities of war, not only the soldiers. Teresa Gagne is distributing white poppies in B.C.


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