Image: PMO Photo by Adam Scotti
Marjorie Griffin Cohen, Jeanette Ashe | Canada has a terrible record with electing women to the House of Commons. This fairly simple tool ought to fix that immediately.
Yusur Al Bahrahni | In a country surrounded by tensions and conflicts, more than 400 women Members of Parliaments and governments from more than 80 countries found a safe space in Amman to meet, network and discuss their
Rinaldo Walcott | Representation in its basest sense has come to stand in place for actual change when no change is happening at all.
Operation Maple | Operation Maple speaks with Queen Cee, the founder and director of Be-You-Tiful Girls Club about token Black Barbies and her new project.
Joan Russow | In Zimbabwe and Zambia there is a requirement in their Constitution to ensure that 50 per cent of the MPs are women. When will Canada follow suit?
Photo: flickr/4lexandre
Amira Elghawaby | One in five Canadians is a member of a visible minority. So, why is this diversity so grossly underrepresented in Canadian broadcast and print media?
The F Word | Gloria Larocque speaks with Meghan Murphy about the recent cancellation of Pamela Masik's 'The Forgotten' exhibition by the Museum of Anthropology.