resource extraction

Jan 6, 2014
Photo: Mel Watkins

The Staple Theory at 50: Bitumen as a staple

Mel Watkins
We have invited Mel Watkins to provide a rejoinder to the Staple Theory series, reflecting on the significance and evolution of staple theorizing, and engaging as desired with the commentaries.
Jan 2, 2014
Photo: Mel Watkins

The Staple Theory at 50: Why linkages matter

Jim Stanford
I argue here that Watkins' identification of the importance of fostering stronger backward and forward linkages is still a valid and important tool for Canadians to escape staples dependence.

Bring Your Boomers #5: Where do we go from here?

Nov 19, 2013
Rio Theatre
1660 E Broadway
Vancouver , BC
British Columbia CA
Join Gen Why Media and as we explore creative alternatives and cross-border collaboration in the face of new government spying operations and relentless natural resource extraction.
May 23, 2013
Photo: leliebloem/flickr

Harper spins Canadian mining in Peru

Brent Patterson
The Council of Canadians and the Blue Planet Project stands with the more than 200 communities and civil society organizations in Peru who are demanding an end to destructive mining practices.
May 15, 2013
Photo: LHOON/flickr

New mining royalties in Quebec

Bertrand Schepper
Laura Handal
On Monday, the Parti québécois government announced a new mining royalty regime. Its hybrid proposal combines aspects from two types of royalty systems: profit-based and ad valorem royalties.


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