Dec 8, 2009

Weekly Audit: Jobs, jobs, jobs

Zach Carter
President Barack Obama invited leading economic thinkers to a job creation summit on Thursday to help combat the worst unemployment crisis in decades.
Dec 1, 2009

Weekly Audit: Time to audit the Fed

Zach Carter
Two key lawmakers on the House Financial Services Committee, Reps. Alan Grayson (D-FL) and Ron Paul (R-TX), are pushing to authorize a full, comprehensive audit of the Federal Reserve.
Oct 21, 2009

Weekly Pulse: Pelosi champions public option

Lindsay Beyerstein
A plan to reform health care that includes a robust public option would actually cut the deficit, according to preliminary estimates by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).
Oct 9, 2009

Weekly Mulch: Obama's Nobel Prize

Raquel Brown
President Barack Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize today for his accomplishments in international diplomacy, climate change and attempts to curb nuclear proliferation.


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