Redeye Collective | There are more than 200 tents in Oppenheimer Park in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside. The city issued an eviction notice July 21 but camp residents have refused to leave.
Casey Leung, Greg Lockwood | Harsha Walia, Vancouver DTES women's rights organizer, speaks about demands for women's safety in shelters in light of recent sexual assaults.
A rally in Toronto on Canada Day, 2008, in support of migrant justice. Photo: No One Is Illegal -- Toronto
Farrah Miranda | For migrant justice organizers and fighters against violence perpetrated on women, this year on Dec. 6 is a moment for pause and reflection after recent successes. There is still much work to be done.
John Bonnar | In 2008, the Shelter|Sanctuary|Status Campaign was launched to prevent immigration enforcement from entering shelters or other anti-violence against women spaces.
Madelyn Chung, Sasha-Ann Simons, Lauren Solski | We look at makers who provide clothing, shelter and fashion for themselves, by themselves.