social determinants of health

Jun 21, 2015

Vote for the cure. Vote for housing.

Cathy Crowe
In her Honourary Doctor Of Law address to UofWindsor nursing and kinetics grads Cathy implored them to care about social welfare hotspots and vote for housing.
Jan 28, 2015

A prescription for income

Doctors at St. Michael's Hospital in Toronto have been trying out a new approach to help their neediest patients. Dr. Andrew Pinto explains what it means to prescribe income for patients.
Dec 17, 2014

Social justice lies upstream from charity

Cathy Crowe
The Upstream Downstream parable guided Cathy Crowe in her work as a street nurse. She shares a simple formula for how to act on social justice issues such as homelessness that goes beyond charity.
Nov 12, 2014

Health workers radicalizing health struggles

Talking Radical Radio
Martha Roberts talks about the Alliance for People's Health, a collective of health workers and organizers committed to radicalizing analyses of health and to the struggle for health for all.

Living the dream: A Healthy Society for all

Nov 16, 2013
Centretown United Church
507 Bank St.
Ottawa , ON
Ontario CA
A panel discussion with Dennis Gruending, Vincent Lam, and Ryan Meili, about how a focus on health can revive Canadian democracy.


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