social security

Oct 18, 2013

My welfare food challenge: Day 2

Seth Klein
Day 2, and I've already bent the rules. The battle against the cold is not going well, so I'm taking some cold medicine and drinking tea (which was not in my budget).
Apr 26, 2011

Weekly Audit: Hostage-taking over the debt ceiling

Lindsey Beyerstein
The latest contrived showdown between Congressional Republicans and the White House is over what concessions the GOP will demand in order to increase the federal debt ceiling.
Dec 7, 2010

Weekly Audit: Tax cuts for the rich extended

Lindsay Beyerstein
Congressional Republicans and the White House struck an agreement in principle on Monday night to extend all the Bush tax cuts for two more years in exchange for extending unemployment benefits...
Nov 30, 2010

Weekly Audit: A progressive deficit fix?

Lindsay Beyerstein
The co-chairs of the deficit commission issued a preliminary presentation two weeks ago that favored tax breaks for the wealthy and left open the possibility of deep cuts to Social Security etc...


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