May 19, 2009

A new world is necessary

The current economic crisis raises two questions. What went wrong? What can be done about it? There is a facile answer to the first question. Capitalism is crisis prone.
May 2, 2009

World at a Crossroads

A recent conference gathered socialists from Asia-Pacific countries and Latin America to talk about how to fight for socialism in the 21st century.
Apr 3, 2009

The guys in the towers

The guys in the towers can weather almost any degree of common sense with a mixture of denial, mild reform and, above all, patience. They have no fear of being tried for "economic crimes."
Mar 27, 2009

China in the Mao and post-Mao periods

This Saturday, March 28, a symposium organized by Emeritus Professor Hari Sharma examines the efforts to build socialism in China in the last century.
Mar 24, 2009

Getting a grip on greed

The impulse to resist unbridled capitalism -- with its resulting extreme inequality and economic domination by the rich -- is basic and has persisted throughout the centuries.


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