Jun 17, 2010

Canadian Water Summit starts

Melanie Redman
The Canadian Water Summit begins today and brings together businesses, public sector leaders, municipal planners, civil society and citizens to talk about the present and future of Canadian water.
Dec 18, 2009

Copenhagen: Edge of a cliff in final hours

Emily Hunter
We're at the edge of a cliff here in Copenhagen. An overnight conference is taking place on the last day of the climate summit in Denmark and everything is up in the air.
Jul 10, 2009

Fundraising for the hungry - report from the G8

Kelly Crichton
The buzz at the G8 all week was that the leaders of the rich world would ante up $15 billion in food aid and development money. Then a few hours before the final wrap, we heard it was $20 billion.
Jul 8, 2009

Day one at the G8

Kelly Crichton
First day on the job at the G8 summit and already it's dreadful. For a new media coordinator who thought she'd see the world get saved just a little, it's unnerving to say the least.


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