Street signs at intersection of Dundas and Sherbourne streets. Image: Video still
Humberto DaSilva | Anti-poverty activists and allies gathered to resist the installation of police surveillance cameras in downtown Toronto's poorest neighbourhood.
Image: Chris Yang/Unsplash
Philip Lee | Intrusive monitoring tools adopted in response to the COVID-19 pandemic may further normalize the surveillance of individuals by governments and private entities.
Police tape. Image: British Columbia Emergency Photography/Flickr
Monia Mazigh | Why do we tolerate certain actions when it comes to violating the rights of Muslims but hate groups get a free pass no matter how violent the ideologies they espouse?
James Comey. Image: Flickr/Brookings Institution​
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | The FBI has become the darling of Trump's opponents. But this powerful, secretive federal police force has a long, dark and often violent history of suppressing dissent in the U.S.
Jesse Schooff | Jesse Schooff explores why laws to keep citizens' data in their country of residence can be both a win and a loss for privacy.
David Christopher | As we face the challenges of 2017, let's all be inspired by these amazing examples of how you helped save the Internet last year
Activist Toolkit
| Ensure those who would violate human rights and hoard power do not have an easy time putting all Internet users at risk.
Image: 24 Hours/Carmine Marinelli
Redeye Collective | The Investigatory Power Bill in Britain legalizes a range of tools for hacking and snooping unmatched anywhere in Europe. Once the bill becomes law, the pressure will be on Canada to harmonize.
Source: Twitter @abuJayyid1
Kevin Metcalf | Students have both the most to lose from Bill C-51 -- and the greatest role to play in defeating it.
Victoria Henry | Our own Victoria Henry argues that Canadians deserve better than Bill C-51 -- we deserve our privacy back.
Image: Flickr/blogocram
John Miller | Surveillance is unconstitutional and alarming and should concern us all.
Image: Pixabay
Victoria Henry | Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale is asking for your feedback in an online discussion -- let's make sure we speak out!