Sep 29, 2010

The criminalization of dissent in the U.S.

Early in the morning on September 24, FBI agents in Chicago and Minnesota's Twin Cities kicked in the doors of anti-war activists, brandishing guns, spending hours rifling through their homes.
Aug 27, 2010

The G20's symbolic violence

This week's mass processing inside (and outside) a Toronto courthouse helped clarify June's Jailapalooza festival during the G20, the largest mass arrest in our history.
Jun 23, 2010

Evidence and CCTVs: A slight return

Eric Mang
More evidence on how CCTVs are merely symbolic and do very little other than chip away at privacy and civil liberties.
Jun 23, 2010

CCTVs: The illusion of safety at G20

Eric Mang
There are now over 70 surveillance cameras around downtown Toronto. How CCTVs do little more than offer an illusion of safety.
Aug 19, 2009

Mapping surveillance cameras in Vancouver

On August 23, the Vancouver Public Space Network is going to do a count of all the video cameras in Vancouver's downtown eastside and central business district.
May 19, 2009

Thought police working overtime in Whistler

Pina Belperio
Over the past few months, law abiding citizens along with dissenters of the 2010 Olympic Games have been visited at home, at work or by phone.


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