Tamil refugees


Vigil to welcome Tamil refugees home!

Dec 24, 2010
Burnaby Youth Detention Centre
7900 Fraser Park Drive
49° 11' 10.2732" N, 122° 59' 6.4644" W
Support the release of Tamil refugees from Canadian internment and welcome them home.
Nov 25, 2010

Two-tier refugee system flawed, say critics

Elvira Truglia
Critics of Bill C-49 say creating two classes of refugees is reminiscent of the Chinese Head Tax, turning away boats from India and Europe, the internment of various ethnic groups during WW2.
Nov 19, 2010

Understanding the Tory immigration strategy

Syed Hussan
The anti-asylum seeker policies of the government show in the many laws of recent years. The latest -- Bill C-49 -- gives the minister power to declare a group of migrants as being 'smuggled.'
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