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Scott Neigh | Doug Hewitt-White, Murray Lumley and Scott Albrecht talk about the work of Conscience Canada to establish a right to conscientious objection to military taxation.
Finance Minister Bill Morneau's recent tax-sprinking backlash is not the sole reason Justin Trudeau's Liberals are hurting in the polls.
Karl Nerenberg | Bill Morneau is not the first finance minister to back away from a major proposal. Canadians have many reasons other than a corporate tax change to be disappointed with Justin Trudeau's record
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Edgardo Sepulveda | Other OECD-14 counterparts have achieved and maintained much higher redistribution and lower after tax income inequality. We in Canada can and should do better.
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Sheila Block | Toronto's budget season has begun in earnest, and it's yielding a mix of the predictable "we can't afford things" debate, along with some refreshing surprises.
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David Macdonald | The loss of U.S. taxes from Burger King is Canada's benefit right? Turns out, not so much. Canada will see none of that money and essentially gains nothing from this deal.
Ralph Surette | Here's something else that would advance our cause in Nova Scotia if we could only talk about it without the pious platitudes: taxation.
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Kaylie Tiessen | When it comes to businesses in Ontario, there's one thing missing from the election platforms of Ontario's three main party leaders: an acknowledgement that tax cuts don't work.
Changing the Conversation on Taxes
Victoria Fenner | A different perspective on taxes from the lineup of speakers on "Tax is Not a Four Letter Word."
Book jacket of Capital in the Twenty-First Century
Andrew Jackson | Piketty argues that there are strong tendencies for capitalism to lead to the extreme concentration of wealth in the hands of an oligarchic elite if democratic political forces do not push back.
Heather Yundt | Tax Justice Network Africa fights to close the loopholes in legal systems that allow multinational corporations to avoid paying taxes.
Book Review
Amy MacKinnon | Authors David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu argue in 'The Body Economic' that not only is austerity bad for the economy, it is bad for our health.
Redeye Collective | There is a theory that millionaires from Asia buying up housing in Vancouver are the cause of the affordable housing crisis in Vancouver. Jackie Wong, Pablo Mendez and Henry Yu disagree.