Third Wave Feminism

Apr 22, 2014

Conversation with author of 'Misogyny Re-loaded'

Feminist Current
Meghan Murphy speaks with Abigail Bray about her new book, 'Misogyny Re-loaded,' which has been described as 'an explosive manifesto against the resurgent sexual fascism of the new world order.'
Oct 7, 2011

Slutwalk NYC: More of the same

Meghan Murphy
I truly believed that Slutwalk NYC was going to be different. Maybe this Slutwalk would actually say something radical. Maybe this Slutwalk would comment on systematic oppression. It didn't.
Aug 30, 2011

Pornography as a mirror: Do we want to look?

The F Word
The anti-pornography movement has been a part of feminism since the '70s; why does it feel as though now the backlash is coming from within? Meghan Murphy speaks with Robert Jensen.
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