Mercedes Allen | The "gender critical debate" is designed to disallow any conclusion that trans people exist, let alone that they should have rights or be accommodated in society in any way.
Image: Screenshots/Mercedes Allen, waxing tools/Adobe Stock, with composition by Mercedes Allen
Mercedes Allen | Trans human rights protections were never meant to be used to force cis women to touch a penis that they did not consent to. But here's the secret: they don't.
Voting and reproductive justice rally. Photo: Bob Simmons/Flickr
Shari-Lynn Dueck | A cis woman's experience accompanying her transgender friend to the doctor makes it clear that reproductive rights will not be fully realized until the autonomy of transgender persons is respected.
Syrus Marcus Ware, artist and social activist
Gilad Cohen, Simona Ramkisson, Brandon Fragomeni, Alex Castellani | Syrus Marcus Ware joins us to discuss his experience as a trans father, how he uses art for social change, and why Canadians have a hard time addressing their own history of anti-black racism.
Trans activist and B.C. NDP candidate Morgane Oger
Tessa Vikander | Organizers of Vancouver's Women's March on Washington express remorse at lack of communication, while omission sparks wider conversation of inclusive organizing.
Image: Amanda Taylor
Albert Van Santvoort | Some members of the transgender community can't help but feel institutionally overlooked after the 2016 census failed to include options for transgender people.
Photo: flickr/British Columbia Emergency Photography
Alyse Kotyk | B.C. becomes the second province in Canada to adopt a policy allowing transgender inmates to be placed based on identified gender, not birth sex.
Photo: flickr/Daily Xtra
Cory Collins | Symbolic and real acceptance is growing for trans people -- but a need for human rights protections and other challenges are just as visible in 2015.
Photo: flickr/ Adrian Lee
Sophia Banks | With support, Senator Donald Plett wants to modify Bill C-279 so trans people will not be able to access any 'sex-segregated' facility and the term 'gender identity' will be removed. Horrible.
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