Jul 26, 2016
Corn field

Will growing our fuels drive us to a cleaner future?

David Suzuki
Research into new types of biofuels is also important, but the massive amounts of land, biomass and water required to produce conventional biofuels mean they aren't a panacea.
May 6, 2015
Photo: cristian/flickr

Parents shifting away from car ownership

People with young children have many reasons to prefer cars to other forms of transportation. Yet a new study shows that parents are keen to reduce their car use despite the challenges.
May 5, 2015

Access to transit improves health

In Metro Vancouver, some communities have a lot of transportation options, others are primarily designed for cars. A new survey shows a clear link between health and access to public transit.
Feb 22, 2015

Understanding Vancouver's transportation referendum

In the middle of March, registered voters in Metro Vancouver will be asked to approve a 0.5 per cent increase to sales tax to fund improvements to the transportation infrastructure in the region.


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