Sep 2, 2011

Quebec tuition fees

Nick Falvo
In light of plans by the Charest government to increase tuition fees in Quebec by 75 per cent over the next 5 years, Eric Martin and Simon Tremblay-Pepin have written an article on Quebec tuition.
Aug 26, 2011

The racialized impact of tuition fees

Nick Falvo
Mainstream policy wonks claim that tuition fees and rising levels of student debt in Canada are inconsequential. While enrollment is rising, the increases in costs do not affect all groups equally.
Aug 4, 2011

Tuition increases by stealth

Nick Falvo
On Tuesday night, Peterborough city council approved a plan for a for-profit corporation to own and operate a new student residence at Trent University. I'm concerned that this may signal a new trend.
Apr 20, 2011

Access to post-secondary education

Nick Falvo
I recently had the chance to read a 2008 book entitled "Who Goes? Who Stays? What Matters? Accessing and Persisting in Post-Secondary Education in Canada."
Nov 23, 2010

Tuition fees to triple in the UK

Fifty thousand students demostrated in the streets of London following the announcement of major cuts to education funding. We speak with Siobhan Brown from Manchester, England.
Apr 2, 2010

Harper's militarism and Canadian jingoism

Murray Dobbin
There was a flurry of news stories last week about an open letter calling on the university president, Vianne Timmons, to reverse her decision to participate in something called "Project Hero."


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