Jul 5, 2013
The stern look of Ataturk over Taksim Square, Istanbul Turkey, the day after pol

Report back from Taksim Square

Samuel Ramos
Without fail, the rain has fallen on Istanbul every Sunday since I arrived in Turkey on June 15.
Jun 25, 2013
Photo: Jacobin.com

From Turkey with love: On tear gas and Taksim Square

Belén Fernández
The protests in their current form can be understood without the invocation of previously-labeled phenomena: they are, quite simply, an assertion of humanity in the face of inhumanity.
Jun 12, 2013

Taksim everywhere, resistance everywhere

Anita Ogurlu
All across Europe and beyond, protests are taking place against global injustices, particularly the 'lower-middle classes slipping from grace.'


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