unemployment benefits

Jul 25, 2014

EI needs to increase access, not lower premiums

Angella MacEwen
The crisis in EI is forever falling on deaf ears. Even though only 37.5 per cent of unemployed workers are receiving EI, politicians feel that the problem with EI is not access, but high premiums.
Nov 16, 2011

The Mowat Centre and Employment Insurance

Andrew Jackson
The Mowat Centre report on Employment Insurance (EI) released today will serve to deepen the national debate over Canada's most important income security program for working-age adults and families.
Oct 5, 2010

Weekly Audit: One nation with no jobs

Lindsay Beyerstein
Tens of thousands of Americans rallied for jobs and justice at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. on Saturday.
Mar 2, 2010

Weekly Audit: The GOP hates jobs

Zach Carter
Through inaction and timid legislative negotiations, Congress just keeps letting the U.S. sink deeper and deeper into the economic abyss.
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