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Marc Belanger, RadioLabour | The Supreme Court in the U.K. has ruled that Uber drivers are not independent contractors. They are workers employed by the company so deserve to be compensated as such.
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David J. Climenhaga | Meanwhile, back in Alberta, Premier Jason Kenney has been strangely silent about his enthusiastic support for the Brexiteers two years ago.
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Amanda Wakaruk
David J. Climenhaga | The government has a moral imperative to share information about what it does with its citizenry — why restrict what citizens can do with this information?
Rachel Notley
David J. Climenhaga | Top Ten news stories lists? Journalists, being who they are, tilt toward surprises, mayhem and the last half of the year. Me too.
Bill Walker
David J. Climenhaga | The State of Alaska, which has been following the Fraser Institute's advice on how to run an oil-rich jurisdiction, is now in 'a profound fiscal crisis.'
Ralph Klein
David J. Climenhaga | It turns out Ralph Klein was doing no favours for Alberta or Albertans with his debt fetishizing.
Voters surrender to their inner bastard
Laura Brightwell | The first conservative majority government in 20 years was voted in on Friday.
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Duncan Cameron | It was not to be. With an 87 per cent turnout, Scottish independence was rejected by 55 per cent of voters in the September 18 referendum.
Duncan Cameron | In a momentous referendum this Thursday, some five million Scottish voters will decide: "Should Scotland be an independent country?" At stake is the ability of Scotland to control its future.
Duncan Cameron | With less than 10 days before the September 18 referendum on Scottish independence, the Yes campaign has forged slightly ahead in a significant public opinion poll, gaining 26 percentage points.
Duncan Cameron | "Should Scotland be an independent country?" This question will be put to the people of Scotland in a referendum September 18.