United Nations

Mar 27, 2014

Include women in conflict and peace negotiations

Shelley Hannah
Shelley Hannah joins thousands of women and some men who gather every year to participate in events connected to and surrounding the meeting of Commission on the Status of Women at the United Nations.
Mar 10, 2014

After Rwanda, 'Never Again' is just so much hot air

Gerry Caplan
Despite new post-Rwandan structures to prevent genocide, despite the world's pious commitment to protect the innocent, mass murder is still happening. "Never again?" is just rhetoric.

Get Pampered for Peace

Mar 1, 2014
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Tarot and Channeling with Madame WhoSeesYourLight:
Nov 26, 2013
Image: wikipedia commons

UN climate conference finishes with a limp

Elizabeth May
As the UN's conference on climate change, COP19, finished up, it became clear that discussing a new climate treaty in the context of broken promises was highly dubious.


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