Cornucopia community garden in Calgary's Inglewood neighbourhood. Photo: Tavis F
David Suzuki | Incorporating food production into ever-expanding urban areas makes cities more liveable and enhances the natural systems that keep us alive and healthy.
Rita Haase, the founder of the Campus Community Garden Project
Alan Scofield | Some of Windsor's most vulnerable citizens are benefiting from a community garden that's been churning out fresh, local organic produce for the last several years.
Jesse Zimmerman | On May 1, 2012, the first seeds were planted at Queen's Park by a movement partly drawn from the wider Occupy movement called Occupy Gardens.
Adam Bemma | This week's #CityTalk segment focuses on urban farming, rooftop gardens and food security in Montreal with Tim Murphy from Santropol Roulant.
Adam Bemma | This week's #CityTalk segment hears from the GTAU-Groupe Travail Agriculture Urbaine about urban agriculture in Montreal.
Photo property of jdxyw sourced through Creative Commons.
Kaitlin McNabb | The Babble Book Club discussion of Food Inc is coming up on Sunday, April 29 3 p.m. EST/12 p.m. PST. Join us to discuss the book, movie and anything food politics!
Photo courtesy of artefatica via Creative Commons.
Kaitlin McNabb | Celebrate Earth Week by getting involved and learning more about the urban agriculture movement with these book selections.
Activist Toolkit
| How to start and maintain a good compost bin
Sarah Laskow | Last week, environmentalists and food advocates warily welcomed the news that Walmart plans to expand its local, sustainable food program.