Kris Kobach. Image: Flickr/AndrewRosenthal
Amy Goodman | If Kris Kobach and his Republican allies get their hands on the data and succeed in suppressing the vote, then Trump may well be on his way to a landslide victory in 2020.
Redeye Collective | An article in the Washington Post on Nov 4 claimed to present evidence of Russian propaganda in the form of the website Prop-or-Not. Veteran reporter Dave Lindorff calls the article sloppy journalism.
Your Vote Counts button - NOT
Penney Kome | Civil liberties and social justice organizations are fighting voter suppression tactics.
Tim Kaine meets with Bolivian family
Penney Kome | “Si, se puede”? We shall see what Tim Kaine means for the Democrats
Redeye Collective | If Hillary Clinton is elected, she will be the first woman president in U.S. history. Major women's organizations have endorsed her. A new book raises questions about Clinton's commitment to feminism.
Photo: flickr/Michael Vadon
Karl Nerenberg | When Donald Trump says Muslims are the enemy, not too-accessible automatic weapons, he may sound unhinged to many. But his rhetoric resonates with millions of Americans.
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| Enough of Donald Trump's vitriolic antics, keep him out of Canada
Corvin Russell | In which I rant about Marxist "analysis" that shows Obama is not a socialist