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Chris Shaw | The 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi are fast approaching and Chris Shaw just can't help but comparing the appalling social issues, environmental destruction and financial costs with Vancouver 2010.
Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe
Riaz Sayani-Mulji, Ryan Sparrow | We speak with Dr. Hayden King on Stephen Harper being named honourary chief of the Blood Tribe, Canada's residential school system, the annexation of Six Nations land in Caledonia, and more.
Tristan Markle | Vancouver's Stanley Cup riots were not carried out by a few bad apples, but were rather the logical conclusion of weeks of jingoism.
Chris Shaw | On Feb. 12, Vancouver and B.C. are planning to have a huge party -- using piles of tax payer money, of course -- to commemorate the giddy, ethanol-fueled Olympic glow of yesteryear.
rabbleTV | Naomi Klein and Harsha Walia speak about the culture of social activism in the context of the Olympics and the G20 Summit.
Podcast and Working TV | On Feb. 20 in Vancouver, Derrick O'Keefe and Harsha Walia presented opposing perspectives as part of a discussion on the diversity of protest tactics.
Kim Elliott | Video from this mornings "riot" in downtown Vancouver.
Chris Shaw | With just under two weeks to go before the 2010 Olympics officially open, preparations are happening in the two opposing camps: the Integrated Security Unit and the anti-Olympic convergence.
Amy Goodman | Going to Canada? You may be detained at the border and interrogated. I was, last week. What followed was a flagrant violation of freedom of the press and freedom of speech.
Pina Belperio | On August 10, VANOC announced that, "The B.C. govt is offering partially paid leave to its 30,000 public servants if they volunteer for the 2010 Olympics."
Pina Belperio | June 23 marks the 115th anniversary of the IOC, but we learn that the sporting event is "More Than Just Games." It's true: They are also about broadcast rights, real estate and corporate marketing.
Book Review
Christopher A. Shaw | In this excerpt Olympic critic and author of Five Ring Circus, Christopher Shaw, lays out the glaring inconsistencies in rhetoric used to promote the Olympic Games and its environmental practices.