Lynne Fernandez | A new report from the Errol Black Chair in Labour Issues examines how the Prairie region is being affected by Conservative government cuts and recommends how funding and programs be restored.
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A veteran is driven from the New Canadian Citizen Ceremony, 2009.
Gerry Caplan | The betrayal of Canada's veterans by the Harper government should become a high-profile issue this election. Nothing more accurately illuminates the true nature of this government.
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Gerry Caplan | Veteran Affairs Minister Julian Fantino announced $200 million in spending over next six years on mental health services for vets. It was a big fat lie.
Photo: Halifax International Security Forum/flickr
Stephen Kimber | Last weekend, Stephen Harper trotted out his own trusty troika for a photo op/announcement during the Halifax International Security Forum, a.k.a. Peter's Playground (official cost: $2.49 million).
Redeye Collective | Finance Minister Joe Oliver announced Nov. 12 that the government will have a small surplus in 2015. He didn't say that the surplus has come from deep cuts to services for veterans and the unemployed.
MP Peter Goldring
Geoffrey Stevens | Peter Goldring protects himself from female cooties, NDP MP goes to hotel room, Harper government hopes veterans won't notice budget is for 50 years.
Image: facebook/Never Forgotten National Memorial
Michael Stewart | Stephen Harper has decided it's a good idea to build a 30-metre statue memorializing Canada's military history along the rugged coastline of Cape Breton. Perhaps it's nothing less than we deserve.
Matthew Behrens | While war veterans have never enjoyed the support they required, the gap between "support our troops" rhetoric and the reality of veterans' lives has become increasingly wide in the Harper years.
Peacekeeping monument in Ottawa. Photo: Tjololo Photo/Flickr
Gerry Caplan | When it comes to our vets, Harper government rhetoric and policies are in a virtual war, with pro-vet policies being the big loser.
Krystalline Kraus | The Canadian Veterans Advocacy (CVA) will be organizing a Vigil for Veterans on Parliament Hill to coincide with the first reading of the budget, where veterans face potentially devastating cuts..