violence against women

Jun 13, 2016

So what's new and radical at OISE these days?

Bonnie Burstow
There are great radical developments at OISE -- like the spread of institutional ethnography, antipsychiatry and feminist initiatives, and yet, little high-up support for feminism.
Mar 23, 2016
Image: Behind the Numbers

Budget 2016: Not enough Real Change™ for women

Kate McInturff
How much real change is on the table? Not much if you're a woman. The budget does contain some truly visionary investments. But on gender equality? Not so much.

22nd Annual Barbra Schlifer Tribute

Jun 9, 2016 to Jun 10, 2016
Daniels Spectrum
585 Dundas St East
Toronto , ON
43° 39' 36.3744" N, 79° 21' 42.8076" W
Ontario CA
The Barbra Schlifer 22nd Annual Tribute is an amazing chance for us to come together and take a step towards ending violence against women.


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