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Where will Whistler's homeless population go during the Games?
Pina Belperio | Vanoc is looking for housing for 700 Whistler-area Olympic Games volunteers. With less than 63 days before the Owe-lympics, that's a whole lotta beds to fill.
Meagan Perry | In this episode of rabble radio Sachin Seth meets with volunteers at the Fort York Food Bank, an interview with Anne McNeil, a Buddhist nun, and Lynn Thompson catches up with musicians, Baka Beyond.
Meagan Perry | In this podcast: food bank recipients volunteer, Tibetan Buddhism in B.C. Prisons, and Baka Beyond on a train platform in Nanaimo, B.C.
Pina Belperio | On August 10, VANOC announced that, "The B.C. govt is offering partially paid leave to its 30,000 public servants if they volunteer for the 2010 Olympics."