Aug 28, 2019
Image: Roy/Flickr

Let the children vote?

David Suzuki
I'm not seeing much evidence that adults are any better at making political decisions than young people. So many grown-ups are electing politicians who don't even accept climate science.
Jan 24, 2019
Socialist parade on Bay Street in Port Arthur, 1931.

Women and the vote in Northern Ontario

Tarah Brookfield
This excerpt from Tarah Brookfield's book "Our Voices Must Be Heard" shows that the women's suffrage movement went far beyond the Southern centres of early 20th century Canada.
Nov 20, 2018
Changes afoot in New Caledonia and Fiji

Changes afoot in New Caledonia and Fiji

Asia Pacific Currents
While the independence referendum and national elections confirmed the status quo, social changes are happening in both countries.
May 4, 2018
Image: Jeff Wallace/Flickr

Our chaotic political blender

What I like about the blender model is it still leaves room for change and for wide swings between options, versus being stuck in a static politics of us versus them.


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