Monia Mazigh | Business executives have a responsibility to contribute to a less divided Canada, at a time when the rich are getting richer and the middle-class is losing its share of the economic pie.
Redeye Collective | A recent report finds that women in B.C. not only earn less than men but also earn less than women in other parts of Canada. Marjorie Griffin Cohen is author of the report.
CANSIM Table 202-0104
Angella MacEwen | Women are paid less than men across OECD countries. In Canada, the 'Female to Male earnings ratio' has hovered around the 70 per cent mark for the past 20 years.
Photo: Lisa Moffatt/Flickr
Kate McInturff | The current government's economic policies, being rolled out in a series of omnibus bills and 'administrative changes,' come at a high price to women.
David Macdonald | Instead of more cuts, prisons and corporate tax breaks, the Alternative Federal Budget delivers a fully costed package with a complete macro-economic framework built for implementation.
Erin Weir | The following is a 10-point summary of the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives' 2012 Alternative Federal Budget released yesterday.
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Rev. Wayne Menard and others | Several weeks ago we, as concerned Christians, met at a local church with some of the striking workers from the Salvation Army Booth Centre on George Street in Ottawa's Byward Market.
Toby Sanger | A comprehensive study released today by CUPE shows there's no evidence public sector workers are paid consistently more than those in similar jobs in the private sector.