war in afghanistan

Book Review
Jul 26, 2012
Omar Khadr, Oh Canada

New book backs justice for Omar Khadr

Amira Elghawaby
As in an artful kaleidoscope, Janice Williamson's book has brought together the voices and sentiments of those who refuse to look away from Omar Khadr.
Feb 16, 2012

Truth, lies and the Afghan war

The longest war in United States history, the Afghan war is being perpetuated, according to one brave, whistle-blowing U.S. Army officer, through a "pattern of overt and substantive deception."
Oct 14, 2011

Peace Alliance hosts anti-war weekend

James Clark
Toronto's convention is an important opportunity for anti-war activists to assess their work in the last few years, build new networks, and re-launch the anti-war movement.


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