war on drugs

Jun 9, 2011

Not Rex: Dope wars

The Global Commission on Drug Policy has just weighed in. The War on Drugs is an abysmal failure. They even get it in the U.S. So why is Canada going on a bad trip?
Mar 31, 2011

Increasing violence in Mexico

Redeye speaks with Agustin Goenaga about the effect of military deployments on the stable, albeit corrupt, system of police control of the informal economy.
Book Review
Feb 3, 2011

Ciudad Juarez: 'Murder City'

Patrick Mackenzie
In Murder City journalist Charles Bowden states in an unnerving prose that the Dark Age is now here.
Oct 11, 2010

Bill S-10: More mandatory minimums for drugs

Stark Raven: Prison Justice
Bill S-10 is Parliament's latest effort to introduce mandatory minimum sentences for various drug crimes. Researchers say they don’t work and will actually make things much worse.


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