war on terror

Oct 7, 2009

Security certificates: Is it the end?

Monia Mazigh
The 2007 Supreme Court decision regarding the unconstitutionality of the security certificate announced its death. What we are seeing these days is its agony.
Sep 3, 2009

Adil Charkaoui: In his own words

Adil Charkaoui was arrested under a Canadian security certificate in May 2003. In June 2009. he was finally allowed to leave Montreal and went on a speaking tour across Canada.
Jul 2, 2009

Putting a face on the war in Afghanistan

rabble staff
Grana, 12, is the sole survivor of a NATO bombing raid in southern Helmand Province, Afghanistan, where the U.S. has begun a massive new offensive. (Photo: http://rawa.org)
Activist Toolkit

Invasion of Iraq

On This Day
On March 20, 2003 the United States launched its second war of agression against Iraq resulting in the defeat of the Baathist regime and an ongoing military occupation
May 22, 2009

Afghanistan and the contest for power

Nima Maleki
The cycle of long war in Afghanistan has justified the expansion of US-led influence in a region pivotal in a continent-spanning contest for power.
May 19, 2009

Still saying 'No' to secret trials

The government may still 'see no Evil,' but activists continue to work to open eyes about security certificates and secret trials.
May 8, 2009

Race, torture and the curious case of Obama’s myopia

Sunera Thobani
For too long, the world has been made to look at America through American eyes. The torture debate is an opportunity to show America to Americans through the eyes of those tortured in their name.


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