war on terror

May 30, 2013

What does 'defence' mean in the 21st century?

Elizabeth May
We continue to discuss defence without first posing some essential questions: will we be at war? With whom? And what are the real security threats to Canada?
May 22, 2013

Muslims and the War on Terror

Faisal Kutty
Some self-proclaimed experts continue to pin collective blame on Muslims, citing the "radicalization" of the community.
May 13, 2013

Guantanamo hunger strike garners widespread support

The vast majority of prisoners in Guatanamo are now on hunger strike in protest against their continued detention without charge or trial. Some have been on hunger strike for three months.
Apr 27, 2013

Twelve years detained without charge

Mohammad Majoub was first arrested in 2000 under a security certificate. He lived in detention and under house arrest until 2012. Finally allowed to leave Toronto, he has been speaking across Canada.


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