Apr 21, 2009

Maude Barlow to support Bolivia's "Mother Earth Day" at UN

The Council of Canadians
Council of Canadians chair Maude Barlow will make her first address to the United Nations General Assembly on the morning of April 22 to support the Bolivian call for "International Mother Earth Day."

Earth Day Walk for Water

Apr 22, 2009
Point Pleasant Park
Point Pleasant Drive
Halifax , NS
44° 37' 38.2512" N, 63° 34' 14.358" W
Nova Scotia CA
<p>Earth Day Walk for Water to support clean water through land conservation.</p>
Mar 24, 2009

#84 - Water doesn't flow like money

rabble radio
World water day address from a resident of Fort Chipweyan, auto workers strive for balance, music from across Canada, and AIG reflections from Keith.
Mar 22, 2009

Blue is the new green

Maude Barlow
On this World Water Day 2009, water warriors are quickly becoming the new wave of the 21st century environmental justice movement.
Aug 22, 2008

Episode #130 - Masaru Emoto

Living On Purpose
Author of The Hidden Messages in Water makes an appearance in Courtenay, August 17, 2008.


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