wealth distribution

Sep 30, 2011

Who's over or underpaid?

Toby Sanger
We all know that the wages and compensation individuals receive in private competitive markets reflects their productivity, unless pesky unions and government regulations get in the way.
Sep 29, 2011

It's time to stop giving money to the rich

Brian Topp
A spectre is haunting Europe -- and the United States. That spectre: the proposition that the time has come to stop borrowing billions of dollars every year in order to give it to rich people.
Sep 26, 2011

The revolution will be tweeted

Velcrow Ripper
Business as usual is clearly not working. The occupation of Wall Street is just beginning, but it is already sending a powerful message, a challenge to the old world order.
Sep 23, 2011

Taxing the rich

Andrew Jackson
Over at the Globe and Mail Economy Lab, our friend Stephen Gordon argues that there are only limited revenues to be gained by taxing the rich.
Sep 16, 2011

Inequality is bad for business

Armine Yalnizyan
Yesterday the Conference Board of Canada released its second report on income inequality, looking at trends in income inequality internationally, between and within nations.
Sep 9, 2011

The history of the post-9/11 world

Gerry Caplan
Ten years after the trauma of 9/11, the richest 1 per cent of Americans earn as much as the bottom 60 per cent and have as much wealth as the bottom 90 per cent. But you ain't seen nothing yet.


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