wealth distribution

Aug 30, 2011

When the rich and powerful overplay their hand

James Laxer
We are in the grip of a socio-economic crisis in which the rich and the powerful in the world refuse to share the burden of coping with the economic disaster they did so much to unleash.
Aug 27, 2011

So the B.C. HST was defeated. Now what?

Iglika Ivanova
Now that the HST debate is over, it would be great to see some of the energy and focus dedicated to debating the HST be redirected to designing solutions to the real challenges facing B.C.
Aug 5, 2011

Obama's birthday and 'real' democracy

Maybe they should have postponed Barack Obama's 50th birthday party until he shows signs of growing up a bit. He first looked callow, like a kid not quite up to it, in his BP oil spill speech.
Jul 21, 2011

What is a middle class income these days?

Iglika Ivanova
As our incomes grow increasingly unequal, it's becoming more important to revisit the actual distribution of incomes in Canada and B.C. and come up with an evidence-based definition of middle income.
Jul 15, 2011

How much does poverty cost B.C.?

Iglika Ivanova
We've known for a long time that we all pay for poverty. We just didn't know how much. This is the question I investigate in my latest CCPA report The Cost of Poverty in B.C.
Jul 14, 2011

When business and progressives agree

Armine Yalnizyan
It was news, not so much because of what was said, as who said it: The Conference Board of Canada released a report on rising inequality in Canada yesterday.


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