wealth distribution

Jul 5, 2011

Living in conservative times

The architects of today's conservative revolution have obscured the class war that they've been waging, keeping us distracted with foreign military ventures, royals and other celebrity sightings.
Jul 4, 2011

Rationalizing corporate Canada's cash stash

Erin Weir
Cash hoarding is a critical point in the debate about corporate taxes. If incremental after-tax profits are being deposited, lower corporate tax rates likely just produce higher piles of cash.
Jul 2, 2011

The Conservative plague attacking Canada

Gerry Caplan
What have Canadians done to evoke the wrath of the heavens? It's a trifecta, folks. Harper the asbestos killer in Ottawa, Ford the city-wrecker in Toronto and Hudak the math-challenged in Ontario.
Jun 16, 2011

Incomes in Canada: Booming and busted

Armine Yalnizyan
What comes through loud and clear in the "Income in Canada" report is the fractured nature of the Canadian economy in the wake of the global recession: one part booming, the other part is busted.
May 25, 2011

Canada doesn't deserve the silver

Andrew Jackson
It has been widely reported in the Globe and elsewhere that Canada ranks number 2 in the just-released OECD Better Life Index, outstripped only by Australia.
Mar 22, 2011

Economic inequality is not 'realistic'

Why is greed and love of money considered good in the case of a wealthy investor, while the wider desire for a decent living standard is considered an expectation to be curbed in ordinary citizens?


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