women's rights

May 11, 2009

Women are worse off under STV

Anne Edwards
I respond to Dennis Pilon's rabble article specifically on his continuing claim that women stand a better chance of being elected under a Single Transferable Vote (STV) electoral system.
May 10, 2009

Take back the day

rabble staff
Inter Pares has a campaign to 'Take Back the Day' this Mother's Day. Check out their excellent video history of the day at http://www.takebacktheday.ca/.
Apr 21, 2009

88 - Women Behind Bars

Britt Wray examines the situation for women living in jail in Canada.

Misbehavin' mamas in movement

Apr 18, 2009
Rhizome Cafe
317 East Broadway Coast Salish Territory
Vancouver , BC
49° 15' 46.2096" N, 123° 5' 54.672" W
British Columbia CA
*What are the contributions and strengths that mothers and children bring to the movement for social justice and challenges we face, particularly as single mothers?


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