women's rights

Mar 6, 2009

Status of Women's IWD math doesn't add up

Erin Simpson
We cannot create an egalitarian or truly free society while 51 per cent of the population continues to experience sex-based discrimination, disproportionate poverty, and sex-specific violence.
Mar 1, 2009

Equality vs. Harper: A week for women in Canada

rabble staff
As this spoof of the official poster hints, International Women's Day and Week take on a stronger meaning in a country led by a man who doesn't believe in the 'E' word, equality. (Image: Tigana)
Feb 18, 2009

A new deal for artists

It seemed like a typical report at the time; but when examining the details, the facts becomes more alarming -- earnings by actors, writers, painters and directors have been in freefall since 1990.
Feb 9, 2009

Honouring Rosemary Brown

rabble staff
Canada Post is marking Black History Month this year with a postage stamp honouring the late Rosemary Brown, the trailblazing feminist and politician. (http://canadapost.ca/)
Jan 8, 2009

2008: Stephen Harper vs. women

As 2008 fades into memory, one can't help but point out that it was an interesting year for women. 2008 marked the year that women became equal to men - at least according to the Harper government.


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