UN security isolating protesters at COP25. Image: Simon Chambers/ACT Alliance
Victoria Fenner | Simon Chambers of the ACT Alliance just got back from COP 25 in Madrid. He assesses Canada's performance and also talks about activists' frustration over the slow pace of change.
March For Our Lives rally in NYC. Photo: mathiaswasik/Flickr
Matthew Behrens | Beneath the calls for gun control that mark this remarkable political moment, there seems to be an underlying rebellion, one that is demanding an end to the war against youth.
Student demonstration organized by Teens For Gun Reform. Photo: Lorie Shaull/flickr
Amy Goodman, Denis Moynihan | Students in Parkland, Florida are channelling their rage and sorrow over the killing of 17 of their classmates and teachers against the gun lobby and the politicians in their pocket.
Photo: flickr/ Paolo Benegiamo
Juan Cole | It is not clear what a new economy for Greece will look like. But it is clear that Greece has rejected the austerity policies of the old in favour of the new.
Imaged used with permission from Jules Koostachin.
Megan Devlin | Shannen Koostachin died in 2010, but the young activist fought for a school for Attawapiskat youth. A fundraising campaign to create a monument to Koostachin's work is underway.
Photo: flickr/jaliyaj
Ferrukh Faruqui | With the violence in Ottawa and Quebec, the discussion of youth radicalization has come back into the forefront. What are the root causes and what are the solutions?
Activist Toolkit
| A toolkit for young people advocating for sexual education and reproductive health choices/resources
Activist Toolkit
| A program to encourage young people to stand up and be heard
Image: Gen Why Media Facebook
Tara Mahoney | Russell Brand's now infamous editorial and interview touched on a lot of feelings of youth disenfranchisement. However, he also urged youth not to vote and undermined youth activism.
Photo: flickr/RamyRaoof
Isabelle Nastasia and Suey Park | Russell Brand has been championed by many for "starting a revolution." But, wait...weren't "disenfranchised" groups saying the same things already?
Book Review
Steffanie Pinch | Activist toolkit coordinator Steffanie Pinch reviews activist handbook 'Stay Solid! A Radical Guide for Youth' edited by Vancouver youth centre The Purple Thistle Centre.
Tria Donaldson | Over 60 young people from all across Canada met recently to have their voices heard and discuss getting young people involved in the labour movement.