Radio tower in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Image: Victoria Fenner
Victoria Fenner | The "Facts are Free" campaign brings the urgency of climate change to campus and community airwaves during the lead up to the election. And, we hear how Future Majority is reaching young voters.
Image: Council of Canadians
Armine Yalnizyan | An eleventh-hour message to voters aged 18–30: in this election, you've got the power.
Brent Patterson | While it's too early to say whether there will be a higher overall voter turnout this election, the indications look positive.
Photo: Sarah Hassanein
Aaliya Khan | On Friday Sept. 18, representatives from the major parties spoke to an audience of predominantly young and Muslim individuals. What issues took centre stage during this discussion?
Activist Toolkit
| A project by youth for youth to provide tools for making your choice
Photo: flickr/ Daniel X. O'Neil
Minto Ewen | Since 1970, each generation has participated less in the democratic process. Has this got us where we are today? Something's gotta give.
Brigette DePape | Will you join us in taking action and collecting vote pledges this summer? Alone we can do very little, but together, we can make a huge change.
Game-changers tour at Nipissing University.
Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians was at Nipissing University in North Bay earlier this week helping to get out the youth vote for the upcoming federal election.
Brent Patterson | The Council of Canadians Game-Changers campaign was at Ryerson University in Toronto earlier this week, with Youth Vote campaigner Brigette DePape.
Photo: flickr/Adam Scotti
Joseph Boutilier | Is the concept of youth apathy a myth in Canada? Some argue that it is and that youth want to get involved, but either don't know how or feel too disenfranchised by the current government.
Noreen Mae Ritsema | Today is election day -- vote and make your voice heard.
Vote mob Winnipeg : Bringing the vote "Back to Winnipeg" youth
rabbleTV | Footage from Winnipeg youth vote mob at the University Of Winnipeg April 27, 2011. On May 2nd, vote.